Zeenat Aman wrote a tribute on Parveen Babi's birthday, praising her beauty and talent on Instagram.

Zeenat Aman admired Parveen Babi's beauty, talent, and fashion sense. They were compared due to their similar style. Zeenat was once mistaken for Parveen in Dubai.

Parveen Babi starred in hit films, graced Time magazine cover, but her career declined in mid-80s, leading to retirement in 1991.

Parveen Babi's personal life was widely reported; she had schizophrenia, diabetes, and knee arthritis. She died on 20 Jan 2005 due to organ failure.

Parveen Babi began as a model in 1972 and made her film debut in Charitra (1973). Though unsuccessful, she gained fame for her role in Majboor (1974).

Parveen Babi became a leading lady in the Hindi film industry after her role as Anita, a prostitute, in the iconic movie Deewaar (1975).

In the 70s and early 80s, Parveen Babi acted in many successful films including Amar Akbar Anthony, Suhaag, Kaala Patthar, The Burning Train, Shaan, Kaalia, and Namak Halaal.

Parveen Babi quit acting in 1983 and became an interior decorator. Her completed films released until Akarshan (1988). She lived luxuriously in Mumbai.

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