Suchitra Sen, a legendary actress, renowned for her work in Bengali films, also delivered notable performances in Hindi films like 'Aandhi' and 'Devdas'.

Suchitra Sen, first Indian actress to win an international award, received the Silver Prize at the Moscow Film Festival in 1963 & Padma Shri in 1972.

Suchitra Sen's debut film 'Shesh Kothaay' was never released, but her 1953 hit 'Sharey Chuattor' with Uttam Kumar made them a popular on-screen pair.

Suchitra Sen starred in 30 of her 60 films with Uttam Kumar. She received a Best Actress nomination for 'Devdas' and was renowned for her Bengali romantic roles.

After her husband's death, Suchitra Sen acted in 'Aandhi' (1974), a film inspired by Indira Gandhi. She was a Best Actress nominee, and Sanjeev Kumar won Best Actor.

Following her husband's death, Suchitra Sen starred in 'Aandhi' (1974), a film loosely based on Indira Gandhi, earning a Best Actress nomination.

In 'Deep Jwele Jaai', Suchitra Sen's character undergoes violence, pretends to be Choudhury's mother, and finds love; remade as 'Khamoshi'.

Suchitra Sen's portrayal of a courtesan and her lawyer daughter in "Uttar Falguni" (1963) was praised for poise, grace, and dignity.

Suchitra Sen made history as the first Indian actress to win an international film award - Best Actress at Moscow International Film Festival.

Parveen Babi quit acting in 1983 and became an interior decorator. Her completed films released until Akarshan (1988). She lived luxuriously in Mumbai.