Sabrina Carpenter, born May 11, 1999, in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, has two older sisters named Sarah and Shannon, and a half-sister named Cayla.

Actresses Sabrina Carpenter and Joey King, who have backgrounds with Disney Channel, became close friends after meeting at a charity event when they were young. Their friendship grew over the years.

Sabrina Fairchild, daughter of the chauffeur on a Long Island estate, is in love with playboy David Larrabee, but he's unaware of her existence. Sabrina's youth and beauty make her name fitting.

Although Sabrina's death is impactful on its own, the final moments of the show reveal that her warlock boyfriend Nick died by suicide to join her in the afterlife, romanticizing their deaths as a happy ending.

In season 3 episode 5, Sabrina and Nick broke up when he revealed that he technically cheated on her with sex demons. After removing the Dark Lord inside him, he struggled to adjust to life on Earth.

As CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA part 3 lands on Netflix, fans are curious about the off-screen relationships of the cast. Who are they dating? has the scoop on their real-life romances.

Sabrina kisses Harvey, turning him into a frog. Her aunts explain that a witch's first mortal kiss causes this. She must find a way to undo it.

In the last episode of CAOS, Sabrina sacrifices herself to trap The Void and save everyone's lives. Nick assists her and she dies in the process.

The two Sabrinas consider merging, and agree to the terms given by Metatron. They have six hours to say goodbye and settle their affairs before returning to the Academy of Unseen Arts to begin the merge process.

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