Talented & versatile actor: Rajshri Deshpande - 'Talaash', 'Kick', 'Sexy Durga', 'Sacred Games'

In Film Companion interview, Rajshri shared post-'Sacred Games' success challenges and 'Sexy Durga' controversies.

'Sacred Games' fame led to typecasting: Intimate scenes & controversial roles limited her career.

Filmmakers assumed roles without scripts, disrespecting Rajshri's craft. Frustration mounted.

Break from Mumbai for NGO project: Rajshri builds school in village, dedication to social causes.

'Sexy Durga' controversies reinforced bold image, fueling typecasting perceptions in the industry.

Resilient Rajshri defies limits, eager to showcase versatile talent.

In 'Trial by Fire,' Rajshri shines with finesse, proving commitment and versatility.

Rajshri's film journey: Break stereotypes, unleash true talent through opportunities.

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