On International Women's Day, the first look of "Neeraja" starring Shruti Ramachandran was revealed. Impressive cast, Rajesh K Raman directs debut.

Versatile actress Shruti Ramachandran, known for "Koode" and "June," displays her talent in "Neeraja" with diverse roles.

With a strong social media presence, Shruti Ramachandran shares glimpses of her life, captivating fans with her natural beauty and elegant style.

Passionate about dance, Shruti Ramachandran excels in classical forms. She is also involved in philanthropy, supporting women empowerment.

Respected for her dedication and professionalism, Shruti Ramachandran collaborates with top directors and actors, earning admiration in Malayalam cinema.

Shruti Ramachandran, with a strong fan base, shines in commercial and art-house films, praised for her authentic and profound portrayals.

Fluent in Malayalam, English, and Hindi, Shruti Ramachandran showcases her linguistic prowess. A film festival regular and panelist on cinema.

Working with established production houses, Shruti Ramachandran is a promising talent captivating critics and audiences alike. A bright future awaits in cinema.

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