Shannon K: Mumbai native, born on June 16, 2001 - a story of resilience, triumph, and extraordinary talent.

Shannon K: American-Indian singer/actress, debuted with Poo Bear on the track "A Long Time" in 2018 - a rising star in the making.

Shannon K and Kyle Townsend unite against bullying with "Give Me Your Hand," inspiring unity and strength.

Shannon K's "Give Me Your Hand" premiers on Billboard, co-written with sister Annabel, supporting Love is Louder.

Shannon K: Personal bullying fuels passion - "Give Me Your Hand" wins Best Original Song at HMMA.

Shannon K: Bollywood Meets International Collaboration - Romantic track "OMT" with Sonu Nigam released in November 2018.

Shannon K: Collaborative Magic with Sameer - Co-wrote enchanting tune "It's Magical" together.

Shannon K: Leading the Way as Executive Director for "Social Mandiya" film  project.

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