Jee Karda Indian romantic drama series on Amazon Prime Video. Directed by Arunima Sharma, produced by Maddock Films.

Suhail Nayyar as Rishabh Rathore and Aashim Gulati as Arjun Gill in "Jee Karda." Their roles contribute to the engaging storyline.

Anya Singh as Preet Chuharmalani and Hussain Dalal as Shahid Ansar in "Jee Karda." They add depth to the character ensemble.

Samvedna Suwalka as Sheetal Kotadiya and Simone Singh as Antara Singh in "Jee Karda." Their performances add richness to the series.

Jee Karda explores friendship, love, and the complexities of adulthood. A captivating series that unravels life's challenges and surprises.

"Jee Karda" premiered on Amazon Prime Video on June 15, 2023, offering an emotional and relatable viewing experience. Don't miss it!

Jee Karda captures the characters' journey through relationships, ambitions, and personal growth. A blend of romance, drama, and compelling storytelling.

Jee Karda presents a realistic portrayal of life's ups and downs, human emotions, and has a talented cast, intriguing storyline, and high production value. A must-watch romantic drama!

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