Grace Van Dien, best known for her part in "Stranger Things," says she has turned to streaming platforms for job chances because of Hollywood's bad behaviour.

The "Stranger Things" star Grace Van Dien reveals that she turned down employment opportunities after a producer forced her to have sex, leaving her in tears.

Joseph Quinn (Eddie) of Stranger Things defends and supports his co-star by defending them against internet abuse.

Grace Van Dien, the heroine of "Stranger Things," reportedly turned down acting offers in favour of streaming services due to problems with misconduct in the business, according to a post by DiscussingFilm.

Grace Van Dien, best known for her part in "Stranger Things," claims a film director coerced her into performing sexual acts on camera, causing her to break down in sobs.

Grace Van Dien of Stranger Things fame reveals turning to streaming due to bad experiences in Hollywood.

On set, Grace Van Dien disclosed being asked by a movie producer to engage in a threesome.

Grace Van Dien, who had a net worth of $7 million in 2022, made most of her money from performing but also dabbled in producing. She made her directorial début with an honorable film, showcasing her ability.

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