Actress Chhavi Mittal faced trolling for posting photos of herself kissing her children. She gave a befitting reply, stating that the criticism was beyond imagination.

Chhavi Mittal, a cancer survivor, defended herself against haters who criticised her for sharing a picture of her breast on social media. She stated that she fought a difficult battle to save her breasts and won't be ashamed of her scars.

Chhavi Mittal reminisces about arriving in Mumbai 19 years ago on this day and reflects on the challenges she faced during her journey. She expresses that it brings tears to her eyes when she thinks about the struggles she overcame.

Chhavi Mittal responds to a user's insensitive question about whether she truly had cancer or not. She expresses disbelief that anyone would suggest that someone would fake having cancer for attention or views.

Chhavi Mittal encourages people to take photos without filters to capture memories. She acknowledges that she may receive criticism for her request but believes it's important to embrace authenticity and natural beauty.

Chhavi Mittal reveals that her caretaker at the farmhouse arrived drunk, and she shares how she and her team dealt with the situation.

Chhavi Mittal responds to a netizen who accused her of trying to gain sympathy. She asserts that she didn't choose to have cancer and that it's unfair to make such accusations.

Chhavi Mittal, a breast cancer survivor, celebrates three months since her surgery and acknowledges her continued positivity throughout her recovery. She expresses pride in herself and the progress she has made.

Chhavi Mittal responds to news of a breakthrough in cancer drug development, highlighting the significant cost of the treatment. She also acknowledges the triumph of medical science in making progress against cancer.

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