Abhishek Gowda tied the knot with Aviva Bidapa in a star-studded ceremony on June 5, 2023, in Karnataka. A grand and glamorous event!

Aviva Bidapa attended Mallya Aditi International School and later studied at the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA) for 4 months.

Aviva Bidapa collaborates with fashion brands and celebrities, crafting impactful looks. She showcases her creations and style inspirations on Instagram.

Aviva excels in blending patterns, colors, and textures for visually striking outfits. Her meticulous detailing and accessory use elevate her looks.

Aviva Bidapa blends tradition and modernity, highlighting India's cultural heritage. Through collaborations, she brings her creative visions to life.

Aviva curates wardrobes, guiding individuals to discover their fashion identities. Passionate about sustainability, she promotes ethical fashion.

Aviva promotes sustainable brands, advocates for body positivity, and celebrates diversity in fashion. She empowers individuals to express their personal style.

Aviva's innovative styling gained recognition in fashion publications. She contributes to India's industry, shares tips on social media.

Sulochana Latkar has passed away marking the end of an industry era