Aayush Sharma spoke out against the social media trolling his wife, Arpita Khan Sharma, has faced for her weight and complexion

Aayush Sharma stressed on the importance of promoting inclusivity and body positivity, and educating people about the harmful impact of body shaming and colorism.

Aayush also urged people to focus on the positive aspects of social media and to use it as a tool to spread kindness, empathy, and positivity.

He emphasized that everyone is beautiful in their own way and that we should celebrate our differences rather than criticize them.

Aayush Sharma highlighted double standards in the entertainment industry, where women are judged more harshly and held to certain beauty standards.

He called for a more inclusive and diverse representation of beauty in the media and entertainment industry.

Aayush Sharma's stand against body shaming and colorism has garnered support and appreciation from those who have faced similar experiences.

Aayush Sharma's message is clear: promote inclusivity, celebrate differences, and be kinder to one another. Let's embrace diversity in all aspects of life.

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